Yu Gi Oh Duel Links 4 helpful cheats and tips

In this post, you’ll find Yu Gi Oh Duel Links 4 helpful cheats and tips . When we first download a game, we can not have a problem with the first few opponents, but the challenge comes a little later when your opponents get better and smarter. Here are some tips and tricks that could help you.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links 4 helpful cheat codes and tips:

1- Use Autocontrol

If you want to reach a higher level, turn on your Autocontrol to improve your movements and / or mistakes.

2- Be careful!

However, there are cards that you should not add to your deck. AI will prefer your “status” over your “effects” during dueling, which means that it would be better to add maps like “Ax Raider” to the Auto-Control.

Spell cards like “De-Spell” should be avoided, especially if you have an ability to cast a spell at the beginning of the battle . This is because it sometimes activates and destroys your own field spell card.

Combine heavy decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links-like “Karate Man” + “Secret Pass to the Treasure”, the former double attack (a direct 2000 points) have. AI will not be able to use this combination properly or to its fullest potential.

3- Card dealer is your friend:

Use the card dealer for a quick attack on the most effective cards, because it exchanges stronger cards for coins and stones. Depending on the map, certain stones and map gemstones are required. If you do not have enough stones and precious stones, you can always convert your excess cards into stones and precious stones. Just go to the map studio, map catalog, and then tap the map that you want to convert, and then click the Convert tab. It is possible to get strong cards early.

4- Find the secrets in the game:

Every place has hidden gemstones in them. You just have to tap on the right element to get 1-3 free gemstones. You are as follows: Gate – tap on the water fountain PvP Arena – tap the street lantern shop – tap the giant spinning map – tap on the garbage bin You will be surprised at what happens in some places. I hope this article helped Yu Gi Oh Duel Links 4 helpful cheats and tips somehow. We are trying to find important tips cheats and tricks for you these days. If you know more Yu Gi Oh Duel links tips and tricks, then please submit a comment. These are, of course, published by us and they receive credits for this. I wish them a lot of fun and joy with Yu Gi Oh Duel links. Thanks for your visit. Read also the following related posts:

Clash Royale Deck Tips

Today we want to go to the Clash Royale Decks. Then we would like to take a look at some tactics and strategies.

Clash Royale: Deck Tips

If you want to master the battles at Clash Royale, then you need not only sophisticated strategies, but also good card decks. You should know there is neither the perfect tactic, nor the perfect deck. To be successful in this game, you should pay attention to some things.

  • Think about your decks regularly. Since you update units and possibly new ones that are perhaps also stronger. So check to see if your units are well-coordinated. A deck which always has stock does not exist.
  • As mentioned in the previous post, ensure a balance of your units. Do not just get expensive or just cheap units. The balance is important.
  • You could take as a rule of thumb: To a healthy mixture belong units that can destroy the flight units, units that are fast, but also those can destroy the towers quickly and effectively and those who are specialized on the defensive (eg defense towers)).
  • You can also customize your cards. So if you’re one of the aggressive players, pick up fast-paced units. If, however, you want to follow more of a defensive tactics, then put on units that are resistant and can withstand a lot. However, a balance is also advantageous here.

However, if you prefer to win quickly and easily, we recommend the new Clash Royale Hack 2017

Clash Royale strategies and tactics

If you are not quick enough to react to the deeds of your opponent, simply send one unit to the battlefield, you have no chance at Clash Royale. You should really think about how you want to make a battle. Here is a strategy for helping you:

  • Wait until your elixir is full and play your cards.
  • If you get bad cards at the beginning or if your fighters are slow, place them on the back of the field. Then wait for what your opponent does.
  • Be sure to protect your distance fighters by using strong combat units. Here, for example, you can send a giant forward and follow a bomber
  • Secure the victory by going to the defensive as soon as you destroy the tower of your opponent. – This is especially advisable with equal-sized gamers. Because your counterpart without tower is at a disadvantage. You can play here for a while.
  • If you see that one of your towers is destroyed, then send your troops to the enemy tower. It does not bother you to hold on to your tower if it falls anyway. Usually only one fireball is missing and the one comes anyway.
  • Your tower can defend itself best against most opponents. Assuming you are attacked by some weaker speckled goblins or a skeletal arm, first see if it is necessary at all to send a fighter to help. For most of the time, the towers are strong enough to resist such attacks. The damage the tower is off is yes then really acceptable.
  • Units that can quickly and efficiently destroy towers (giants, knights, etc.) are often bothersome and superior to most combat units. To lure them away from your towers, it is recommended to place a building in front of the tower (this can be a simple goblin hut). Since the building is attacked first, you have time to build up your potential defense.

Play better than your friends in FIFA 17 thanks to these tricks

Virtually every video game player who has already tried many different titles has played some time again to some soccer simulator. FIFA is usually the most chosen, and is that the saga of Electronic Arts football is the most successful in sales today. However, many players want to keep improving until they can beat all their friends, which is why we offer you this guide of FIFA 17 , in which we highlight some tips that can be very useful.

First, the most important thing is to be familiar with the control . FIFA 17 Cheats It is no secret that on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo consoles the buttons are changed every two to three, reason for more to get used to any type of control or to change the controls that appear by default nothing else We started to play. Once we get through this, we avoid situations like focusing in front of the goal or throwing the chebanbas from the corner.

Another essential advice is to be very careful in defense. Sometimes a clearance is much better than taking a risk by giving a pass in our midfield. We may give the ball to the opponent, but the chance of goal will be much less clear, a priori.

FIFA 17 | EA

As for dribbling, you have to know where to turn on each occasion, and above all, avoid being predictable. If we always do the “logical”, inevitably our opponent will catch the ball or bullfighting our defenses. A good trick is to stop running just in time to get back to touching the ball, and change the direction of our player. Free FIFA 17 Coins This practically does not require any technique, but equally facilitates the ” dribble ” to the rivals, who will not be able to predict easily our movements.

Last but not least, the attacks, if they are fast and against, can be very effective, so you never skimp on long passes upwards, you can catch very surprising the rival team and Serve to put FIFA ‘s “easy” goals 17 .

Researchers give tips How to achieve the perfect first date

Tingling in the abdomen, insecurity and plenty of potential fat nappies. The first meeting resembles a cautious verbal palpation and “sniffing” of the opponent.  The magic of a first date can be incredibly exciting or just the opposite.

If one understands directly, the time flies like in flight and the sympathy fronts are instinctively quickly clarified. If the chemistry is not at all, however, a common coffee or a non-committal beer can be felt forever. As a rule, we have little influence on this.

What we have influence on – and what is not

But what we have in our hands is the external conditions of the first meeting. Opposite the ” Washington Post ” the social anthropologist Helen Fisher explains the success recipe for an informal first date, which in the best case a second encounter results. Fisher acts as an expert in a US study of the dating site match.com . The company includes Tinder, OK https://www.fixnomatchestinder.com/ and other dating sites. 5500 singles were interviewed for the study.

The place: Outside in a bar or a pub

The researcher recommends avoiding the classic restaurant visit at the first meeting. In times of online dating, not infrequently two – at least in real life – meet unknown people. For a first check-out of the counter, a common dinner is too much responsibility and financial investment. Better: casual drinks in the bar.

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To the loosening – one to two dinks are in it

Alcohol is not a no-go, but, according to expert, even an advantage. Whether two people understand themselves depends to a large extent on how lively their conversations are. However, on the first appointment with a stranger, many would be excited and thereby inhibited. One to two drinks would ease the mood and stimulate the singles and their conversations significantly, says the sociologist. Nevertheless, one should not get drunk, which usually leaves behind a good impression on the other side.

 The time: in the evening, after work

If you are looking for non-committal drinks, do it in the evening after work, not in the lunch break.

The date duration: one to two hours

The perfect first date usually takes one to two hours. It is important: you should not order large dishes, the classic dinner date is suitable in the fast-paced Tinder time less. Better: A noncommittal “Let’s go on a celebration dinner” – Date.

Particular attention should be paid to this

The moment when it comes to paying. According to Fisher, the behavior of the counterparty when paying is a particularly interesting indicator , which suggests the character of the counterpart: How is the behavior towards the waiter, does he or she give much or little tip?