Researchers give tips How to achieve the perfect first date

Tingling in the abdomen, insecurity and plenty of potential fat nappies. The first meeting resembles a cautious verbal palpation and “sniffing” of the opponent.  The magic of a first date can be incredibly exciting or just the opposite.

If one understands directly, the time flies like in flight and the sympathy fronts are instinctively quickly clarified. If the chemistry is not at all, however, a common coffee or a non-committal beer can be felt forever. As a rule, we have little influence on this.

What we have influence on – and what is not

But what we have in our hands is the external conditions of the first meeting. Opposite the ” Washington Post ” the social anthropologist Helen Fisher explains the success recipe for an informal first date, which in the best case a second encounter results. Fisher acts as an expert in a US study of the dating site . The company includes Tinder, OK and other dating sites. 5500 singles were interviewed for the study.

The place: Outside in a bar or a pub

The researcher recommends avoiding the classic restaurant visit at the first meeting. In times of online dating, not infrequently two – at least in real life – meet unknown people. For a first check-out of the counter, a common dinner is too much responsibility and financial investment. Better: casual drinks in the bar.

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To the loosening – one to two dinks are in it

Alcohol is not a no-go, but, according to expert, even an advantage. Whether two people understand themselves depends to a large extent on how lively their conversations are. However, on the first appointment with a stranger, many would be excited and thereby inhibited. One to two drinks would ease the mood and stimulate the singles and their conversations significantly, says the sociologist. Nevertheless, one should not get drunk, which usually leaves behind a good impression on the other side.

 The time: in the evening, after work

If you are looking for non-committal drinks, do it in the evening after work, not in the lunch break.

The date duration: one to two hours

The perfect first date usually takes one to two hours. It is important: you should not order large dishes, the classic dinner date is suitable in the fast-paced Tinder time less. Better: A noncommittal “Let’s go on a celebration dinner” – Date.

Particular attention should be paid to this

The moment when it comes to paying. According to Fisher, the behavior of the counterparty when paying is a particularly interesting indicator , which suggests the character of the counterpart: How is the behavior towards the waiter, does he or she give much or little tip?

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